Night Game - August long weekend

Small Groups compete against each other while trying to be the first team to complete a list of objectives.
The game begins at sunset and runs for about 2 hours.   Players can expect fireworks and flares for the duration of the game
as well as spotlights, trip mines not to mention the dark and other obstacles along their way to achieving the objectives

RISK Big Game - August long weekend

Basically a Giant paintball version of the board game of RISK
4 teams are made and they try to be the first team to capture all ten flags from each outdoor field.
4 fields are used as team bases and are usually the cause of some great battles through out the day!
The RISK game starts around 12(noon) the day after the night game and usually runs for 3 to 4 hours
The Night game and RISK Game have been billed as one of the best weekends of paintball in Saskatchewan