Laser Tag Paradise

How does the equipment work?

The equipment uses infrared light to emit a coded signal (beam), similar to the technology used by common TV remote controls. The signal is received by one of the three sensors and is processed through the onboard computer. Based on the data encoded in the signal, the tagger takes damage, replenishes ammo or performs any number of functions.

How do I hit someone?

Each tagger has its own tactical scope that is carefully aligned for maximum accuracy. Most taggers have a 40mm scope with a red dot in the middle for sighting. Some of the long-range taggers have powerful tactical telescopic scopes, allowing for accurate shots from hundreds of yards away.

What happens when I've lost all my hit points?

The tagger then goes into deactivation mode (DEAC) and the unit screams "Medic, Medic! Man down, Man down!" While your tagger is in DEAC mode, you cannot shoot or be shot. To re-join the game, you must be reactivated, either by a team medic or by a referee, depending on the type of game being run.

How many people can play?

We recommend at least six players for an outing or game, but it really cranks up with eight or more people. Our equipment can accommodate games with up to 10 players at once, so the more the merrier Our game is completely different in play and strategy from traditional indoor laser tag. Indoor laser tag is geared more for players 5 - 12 years in age and is usually played in a small, confined black light facility with lots of music and pulsating light. Our games are usually played in much bigger areas similar to popular video games, such as Halo, Counterstrike, Call of Duty and others. Our equipment is very precise, requiring players to aim at their target. By focusing on team-based objectives instead of the individual scoring of traditional indoor laser tag, we provide a game that is far more challenging and entertaining.

What is a typical type of mission?

The typical mission is objective based. For example, a scenario might play out like this: the other team has captured one of your players and you need to rescue him/her. You might need to battle to a specific point and recapture your player or eliminate the opposing team to win the scenario. Either way, teams will have to outthink the opposition.



Damage – 30 points Range – 100% 200 yards Magazine – Single shot Reload time – 4 seconds Hit Diameter at 200 yards = 6 inches – 150mm Respawn times per game – 8 Life points per game – 150 Death delay – 1 second

Machine Gun Semi Automatic

Damage – 15 points Range – 50% 100 yards Magazine – 20 round clip semi automatic Number of Magazines – 8 Reload time – 5 seconds Hit diameter at 100 yards = 8 inches –200mm Respawn times per game – 6 Life points per game – 150 Death Delay – 2 seconds

Machine Gun Fully Automatic

Damage – 10 points Range – 40% - 80 yards Magazine – 15 round clip fully automatic Number of magazines – 15 Reload Time – 4 seconds Hit diameter at 80 yards = 5 inches – 125mm Respawn times per game – 5 Life points per game -150 Death delay – 3 seconds

Shot Gun Semi Automatic

Damage – 5 points Range – 2% 40 yards Magazine - 7 round clip semi automatic Number of magazines- 20 Reload time – 4 seconds Hit diameter at 40 yards = 8 inches –200mm Respawn times per game – 7 Life points per game – 150 Death delay – 2 seconds