Paintball Paradise Offers many different playing fields Click on a field to see more pictures of it

Devil's Island Orange Blue Mash/Safe area Indoor Red  Tire Town Veitnam Town Castle  Area 51 World War One

Lots of Bunkers, Trenches and Hiding Spots.
Perimeter has a fair amount of tree cover but infield is fairly clear

Many trees around perimeter with barricades and blinds set up
Game Time Is a Maximum 20 Minutes due to popularity

Tire Town
Stacked groups of tractor tires provide cover

Indoor Klondike Gold Rush
The size of a hockey rink

Large Field Tons of cover and bush

World War I
Large Field Tons of cover, trenches and bridges
World War 1

Ghost Town
Many Smaller Buildings to Hide in and use for cover, Two Larger Buildings with two levels ("Church" and "Motel")

Red Field
Largest Field Lots of cover and "natural shields" A time limit to the game may be put in place by your Referee.

Blue Field
Smaller field Timed game 10 to 15 minutes depending on group size

Devils Island
Lots of cover and "natural shields" also wooden "igloos" in the middle
Devils Island

Area 51
Lots of cover and some open spots
Area 51

The Rink
Very fast game
The Rink

The M*A*S*H (Safe Zone)
The only place where you can take your goggles off!!!
Lots of picnic tables to choose from BBQ's available for use but groups must bring their own food